Top 5

EGLD Community
Join the EGLD Community platform and meet other $EGLD believers 💫
Morningstar Ventures
Investment firm backing ambitious ideas by early stage founders.
Showcasing & promoting the best crypto project startups on the Elrond Blockchain.
The scalable financial engine of the new internet economy.
1st EV green charging station network built on Elrond
Digital wallet & global payments app.
Elrond Apes
Collection of 10.000 unique & randomly generated 3D Apes on Elrond.
Projects with a high chance of making a lasting impact on the world using Elrond.
10k wacky, unique characters that were inspired by the vibrant folklore of Romania.
We solve the problems in the logistical and scene with blockchain technology
The open decentralised marketplace on Elrond.
Elrond Wallet
Transfer, receive & store your Elrond tokens while interacting with Elrond dapps.
Knights of Cathena
Action packed turn-based tacitcs PvP game fused with NFTs, Tokens and Play&Earn.
Itheum (ITHEUM)
Data Platform for Web3 and Metaverse.
BH Network
The Internet of Freelancers on Elrond Network.
A P2P decentralized exchange built on Elrond.
Elrond Explorer
Presents a real-time overview of the events happening on Elrond network.
Extreme-scarce token with a complete Defi Ecosystem.
Drifters unleash anime creativity through the creation of Aevitas metaverse 🌌
Shop Anything from Anywhere with Your Digital Assets.
holoride (RIDE)
Turning vehicles into moving theme parks.
A Decentralized Launchpad on Elrond Network.
Elrond Giants
A collection of 10k Giants living on the Elrond blockchain building passive income & products.
6969 Web3 Pirates sailing on image Water.
ESDT Market
Trustless peer-to-peer token swaps on Elrond Network.
Elrond Mafia
Elrond Mafia is a 5555 Unique NFTs Collection
Elrond Wiki
The Wikipedia version Elrond.
Utrust (UTK)
Blockchain borderless payments.
Manage your wallet, swap, compound, analyse price charts, and more.
Cantina Royale
The first Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn tactical shooter game built on Elrond.
Trust Staking
Building the easiest & most trusted way to stake Elrond Network.
Growth engine for the Elrond Network.
Dead Rare
The first and largest decentralised marketplace on the Elrond Network.
Omniscient Tools
On-chain NFT Analytics platform
The Faceless Many
OG NFT community. Earn $REVP, play the Syndicate Games, and RISE UP!
Subcarpati OG
A PFP collection of 10k randomly generated NFTs. .
Age of Zalmoxis
An MMORPG set in a fantasy version of the Dacian Kingdom grounded in history
Just Mining
Staking, Masternodes & Mining solutions registered with the AMF under number E2021-16.
Plata Network
Racing themed project built on #MultiversX
Estar Games
Scale & Aiming to create a play to earn gaming experience for the masses.
Welcome to the 1st NFT utility project based on Elrond for Developers and Designers! 💜
Elrond Scan
The Elrond blockchain explorer
Monitoring & alert tools on Elrond ecosystem.
Gnogen NFTs, Movies, Games, & Collectibles.
Elrond World
An open community for anyone interested in the Elrond Network.
Isengard Market
Buy, sell and explore in the Elrond NFT Universe.
Staking Agency
Operate validators on the most profitable & stable networks.
Seed Captain
Elrond Incubator - From an idea to a project We help ideas to become projects...
decentralized & carbon negative solution for parking reservation across Europe.
The first Elrond tools that allows you to discover your wallet value. (NFTs and ESDT) Also allows you to track NFT Collections and ESDT Tokens trends on markets.